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Serving the Legal Needs of Injured People for Over 35 Years

Applying for benefits after a disabling injury can be extremely complex and full of pitfalls that can lead you into making mistakes. Many rightful claims for workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability are initially turned down simply because they were not presented correctly.

If your SSD or workers’ compensation claim has been denied, you still have the opportunity to obtain your rightful benefits by appealing that decision. At the law firm of William C.O. Reaves, P.S.C., in Ashland, Kentucky, we have more than 35 years of legal experience helping clients in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia who are seeking benefits from Social Security Disability or Kentucky’s workers’ compensation program.

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Working Your Case Through the Appeals Process

Clients often come to us after they have already applied for but been denied Social Security Disability or workers’ compensation benefits. If you have been wrongly denied benefits, we can work with you through the administrative appeals process.

An SSD or workers’ compensation appeal is not an in-court proceeding. Instead, these appeals are handled by administrative law judges provided by the state or federal agency involved. This administrative process does not require you to testify or present medical evidence to a jury. If you have been injured while working in Kentucky or for a Kentucky employer, we can help you file for workers’ compensation or appeal an unfavorable ruling. We handle Social Security appeals for people in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia.

Professional ♦ Experienced ♦ Dedicated to Our Clients

At William C.O. Reaves, P.S.C., we work entirely on a contingency fee basis. If we do not recover money for you, you do not pay attorney fees. If we do recover benefits for you, our fees will be a percentage of that recovery. The costs in a case are not part of the attorney fee. Those are always payable by the client. We can always discuss what they will be for.

In Social Security cases, attorney fees are a percentage of any back-benefits awarded. In Kentucky workers’ compensation claims, they are a percentage of any benefits recovered by award or settlement.

Case expenses such as fees for copies of medical records or copies of depositions or court reporter fees are paid in addition to any attorney fee. Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client.

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