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Handling Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
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A person can be disabled from birth or can become disabled later in life following an accident or injury. Disabilities can be mental or physical. If a disability keeps you or your loved one from being able to work and earn enough money to provide for yourself, Supplemental Security Income may be an option.

Unlike Social Security disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) does not require that you have worked or previously paid into the system to be eligible. The amount of your benefits and your financial eligibility depends on the amount of money coming into your household and your assets .The proof of your disability is the same as for Social Security disability. William C.O. Reaves, P.S. C. has nearly 34 years of legal experience and will discuss you or your loved one’s eligibility for SSI with you. Contact us online or at 606-547-4419 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Factors Considered in Awarding Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental security income provides a stream of income for those who are unable to work due to a disability. SSI is not contingent on whether or not you have previously contributed to social security. It is intended for those individuals who have not paid into the system because they were financially unable to do so.

However, SSI does depend on the income or assets of your household. Your spouse’s income and assets are included in determining whether or not you qualify and if you do, for how much. It is very similar to the Medicaid system.

Appealing a Denial of Supplemental Security Income

If you have requested SSI but were initially denied, you still have the opportunity to appeal the denial. Generally speaking , you have a period of 65 days from the date of your denial. Read your denial notice carefully and it will state if you have a shorter period. This is not an in-court process. You will not have to explain your financial situation or that of your loved one to a jury. Instead, the appeals process through the Social Security Administration is entirely administrative and takes place within Social Security.

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Working through the appeals process requires addressing the reasons your initial request was denied. Our experienced lawyer can walk you through appealing the denial of an SSI claim and work with you toward success. Contact William C.O. Reaves online or at 606-547-4419 to schedule a free initial consultation at our Ashland office. If we do not recover benefits for you, you do not owe us any attorney fees.